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About us

We deliver a total creative solution for a programmed interiors. Encompassing conceptual planning, aesthetic and solutions to achieve the desired results. Delivering a "programmed interior" towards a specific intended purpose or use of the built environment. Our zones of know-how comprise: refashioning, interior detailing, lighting design proficiency, project supervision, space planning and elevations, as well as furniture design and provision.

We as interior design consultants help you see the big picture and balance your aspirations, functional needs and most importantly your budget. We select stuff and textile to create interiors that come out to have evolved naturally, with a relaxed and inconspicuous, but not "adorned" glance. A sophisticated concentration to detail and final strokes result in an exclusively flavored interiors, with inflection of the unanticipated to make an impact on the eye.

We deal with more than the furnishings and finishes that go into making a space look wonderful. Employing analytical problem-solving skills that focus on your needs and aspirations.We listen, understand and ultimately create a space that exceeds your expectations. We have handled interior design projects and remodels in Gurgaon and New Delhi.